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Scripts for reconnection pppOe sessions and reboot new D-link Routers DSL-2500U,
DSL-2540U and possibly
others from new series based on Broadcom chipset.
(If you test my scripts on other models like
DSL-2300U, DSL-2540B, WBR-1310, DSL-2640B, DSL-2540B, DSL-2320B please email
me if it works with your model and write model nomber in your message)

Download scripts and description

Why you need it?
With this scripts you can change IP(if you provider give you dynamic IP) and use file shares like rapidshare.de, depositfiles.com, megaupload.com that have limit for downloads from one IP.

How to connect the router with telnet 

Start > Run
Type cmd
In command promt run command telnet You must see:
BCM96338 ADSL Router
(none) login:
You must type login and password(usually admin)
After you will see # you can type commands.
Also you can use putty

Download scripts for windows

pppd_reconnect - disconnecting and new connecting of pppOe session.
You may be need edit this script and change profile name of your connection
You must connect to router with telnet and use command: echo /proc/var/fyi/wan/*
In result you'll see name of your profile.
For example result of execution is /proc/var/fyi/wan/ppp_0_35_1
You will need copy ppp_0_35_1 and change it in file pppd_reconnect (do not edit pppd_reconnect.bat)
Result must be
transmit "echo 3 > /proc/var/fyi/wan/ppp_0_35_1/wanup^M"
transmit "echo 1 > /proc/var/fyi/wan/ppp_0_35_1/wanup^M"

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